Code of conduct

Shareholders are important stakeholders of the Company. Therefore, the relationship between STK and shareholders is particularly focused on. STK always aligns the interests of shareholders with its sustainable development. STK commits to:

  • Put the interests of the shareholders ahead, avoid the conflict of interests, ensures a safe investment, attractive dividend policy and sustainable returns for shareholders.

  • Provide a diversified and effective communication channel. STK always meets requirements on information disclosure such as transparency, accuracy, clear and timely.

  • Ensure equal treatment for all shareholders.

  • Ensure confidential information of investors, shareholders, unless allowed by information owners or required by the authorities.

All activities of the Company aim to build the customers‘ strategic confidence, put the prestige and quality of products ahead, constantly cultivate the relationships with the customers throughthe after-sales policies, customer care in accordance with the common standards accepted by both parties.The Company commits to:

  • Treat fairly, truthfully and respects the customers, builds the relationship based on mutual benefits.

  • Build and maintain the customer satisfaction at a high level, establishes a sustainable relationship by offering high quality product at a competitive price, timely and accurate shipment, excellent after sale services.

  • Continuously improve and diversify products, offering optimal product selection for customers.

  • Protect customer‘s business information.

Base on STK‘s value: “Developing together: Century’s development is aligned with the prosperity of our partners, our staffs and the community”, and the employees are the Company‘s valuable assets. The Company always respects, treats fairly, takes care of the employees, and focuses on training and capacity development.

  • The Company offers a competitive remuneration and welfare policies, commits to fully ensure legitimate benefits of employees under “Collective Labour Agreements”, Labor Laws and other regulations of the State.

  • The Company shall not use child labor, forced labor.

  • The Company shall not discriminate against employees.

  • The Company ensures the safe working environment, health care and legitimate benefits for the employees. The Company also focuses on training, creating promotion opportunities for employees.

  • The Company evaluates the performance efficiency of staffs, encourages feedback, sharing aspirations and opinions from staffs for the development of the Company.

  • The Company commits to treat all suppliers equally, cooperate for mutual benefits, avoid the potential conflict of interests with suppliers.

  • The Company always adheres to the rules on tendering, negotiating and signing of contract.

  • Do not share the confidential information of suppliers with their competitors.

STK aims to improve the image and position of the Company in the industry, compete fairly on the high quality product and reasonable price. The Company always adheres to the following principle of competition:

  • Compete fairly, transparently and legally: do not make incorrect or dishonest comments on the competitors’ products and services, do not engage in activities to sabotage competitors.

  • The Company commits to use the legal methods to collect information about competitors, not use illegal or immoral ways to collect information.
  • The Company complies with the law and the constitution of Viet Nam.

  • Do not take negative approaches to gain privileges and special benefits from the government, state agencies.

  • Fulfill tax obligations and contribute to local budgets in accordance with prevailing regulations.

  • Reputation and prestige of the Company are important assets that all employees have to preserve and promote.

  • We coordinate with media to help them understand the Company and ensure that all information we provided is transparent, accurate and not misleading.

  • Investor Relation Department is responsible for feedback, providing information on media. Other departments are not allowed to contact or answer any questions related to the Company.